Song About Old Rollercoaster

Road maps as eyes I am alive and leaving.


Woodsman - Further [MP3]

This new track from Woodsman premiered on Stereogum a couple of days ago and is featured on the Summer release of Singles Club. Released quarterly, Singles Club is a record subscription / music journal which started up earlier this year.  



New Track… out via Singles Club soon !

New Woodsman jam for Singles Club premiered yesterday over at Stereogum. Take a listen! 


Shintaro Sakamoto


Shintaro Sakamoto





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This basically sums both of us up so succinctly - which Mikey is good at doing.

Comic-a-day: Day 6 of 31

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Don’t happy, be worry


'Earlier this year we began toying with the idea of placing ourselves on the other side of the line, becoming that source of support,' [Singles Club] wrote in their December 2013 crowd funding campaign, which raised more than $10,000 to support the production and distribution of this 2014’s four issues.

Singles Club artfully packages the 21st century music listening experience into both a marketable product and a lifestyle distinction[1]. For the price of $65 a year, members receive: four 7” 45 RPM vinyl records (singles, duh), each with an exclusive A-side track and a one-on-one interview B-side; digital download; custom 7” box; 45 RPM converter; a SC pin, and exclusive online content. If it sounds like a niche product, that’s because it is: only 250 copies of each issue are produced. A corresponding virtual music journal, complete with three written features, a photo essay and exclusive video, is available for free on their website, in addition to subscriptions and music store.

Singles Club is now offering a special ‘vinyl and digital drop’ on Soundsupply, offering up digital LPs from all of their artists from the first year for only $10. In addition, you can also bundle it with a subscription to Singles Club for only $50. ‘Pretty sweet deal,’ says co-founder Jeffrey Silverstein. This deal is only available until 8/12. Read our feature on the vinyl subscription service here.

not sure I how I didn’t know about this record, but glad I found it. 



We’re excited to team up with vinyl subscription startup @singlesclubfm to offer one of our most unique Drops yet!

Get the Singles Club curated 5 album digital bundle featuring artists from their 2014 subscription series for just $10!

Also available, a special discount on the Singles Club 2014 Vinyl box set! This limited 7” set is a must-have for any vinyl enthusiast.

Available now at


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A good read. Lots of interesting and informative stuff for people who might be unfamiliar with what’s involved in the process of manufacturing vinyl records.

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